Monday, November 5, 2012

Inward Investment in Nordic countries?

When an investing company uses capital cross border to create a new foreign company, gains control of an existing enterprise or develops the business of an affiliated foreign company – it defines an inward investment. Add a greenfield development, and acquisition or joint venture or reinvestment in an existing venture, - however exclude portfolio investments where there is no management role.

What is the company seeking to acquire? Access to markets, location, supply, technology, competences and finance? 

Investor attractions probably is all about political and economic stability, market proximity, quality of relevant workforce, existing infrastructure and support services, costs – start-up and support services and minimum bureaucracy.

Have governments In Nordic countries established an infrastructure for inward investment?

To answer that question,look at a brilliant map presented by Legatum Institute. It gives an unique picture of welt and well-being in 142 countries: LINK

By incorporating traditional economic measures of prosperity with measures of well-being and life satisfaction, they have ranked the world according to major key drivers of national prosperity. Key drivers such as entrepreneurship and opportunity, effective and accountable government, and the rule of law.

The overall prosperity rank:  – Nordic countries among the Top Ten Countries: 

Norway 1st, Denmark 2nd and Sweden 3rd. Finland is 7th and Iceland 15th.

Trade, investment and entrepreneurship - welcome! 

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